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Darryl Dawson Books is now open for business (with a real blog post!)

Welcome! What do you think of my new haunted internet house? Isn’t it just too dreamy? I opened it up last week to more than a few curious onlookers. Three cheers to! In case you’re having trouble finding the book page, it’s right here. I also have a Calendar page with a list of all forthcoming public appearances; yes, it’s empty now, but oh, just you wait! You’re also free to join my Facebook, Twitter, and (gasp) Instagram pages if you haven’t done so already.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s done. There’s no turning back now. My highly anticipated (and procrastinated) third book is complete and ready for human consumption. As of this writing, Death’s Dreams is in the hands of beta readers, brave souls who have accepted the task of overseeing my latest collection of creepy stories. Their mission: to find speed bumps, weeds, and other non-sequiturs in time for me to smooth them out (I’m not talking about editing; that’s already been handled by the fantastic Zoe Swann). The unfiltered, visceral reactions I’ve heard from a couple of them so far has ranged from “this is deep, and I’m enjoying it” to “(it’s) consistently given me night terrors.” Score and score! Look for it to go live in September.

In the meantime, my first two books are back on the market with spiffy new covers under the umbrella of my brand, Darryl Dawson Books. I’ve tacked on an introduction to If It Bleeds to head off any political appropriation at the pass (I’ve got a lot to say about what that means, but I’ll save it for a future blog), but otherwise it and The Crawlspace remain virtually unchanged from their original editions. Both are available now in print and digital in Mr. Bezos’s Magical Emporium. Even if you already own a copy, I urge you to leave a genuine review with as many stars as you feel they’re worth. Thank you.

I hope to make a weekly habit of these blogs. Sundays seem to be the best days for me to write them, so let’s mark our calendars and plan for next week. Sound good? Great!

This is my "welcome" face.

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Jul 29, 2019

Squeeeeee! So excited! Congratulations, Darryl, on the website. I'm so looking forward to more blog posts and hoping to see you at some of your calendar events. My zommy and I have been savoring Death's Dreams, a story a night. It's hard to stop at one, but we really want to savor... like liver with fava beans and a nice chianti.

~ eternally yours, Sara Quelle-Femme

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