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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit: My New Year Wishes

The years are moving by so damn fast they leave little time for reflection. We might as well look back now, on New Year’s Eve, while our battered minds are soothed by the balm of good memories and hope, before we switch them back to our pessimistic truths.

My first order of business on this blog post is to say “thank you” for making 2019 such a banner year for me on a personal and professional level. The release of Death’s Dreams represented a personal landmark—my third publication and my first under the Darryl Dawson Books brand. Self-publishing is never an easy road; the investments of both money and time are substantial and, at times, daunting. This project is now in orbit thanks to scores of people who like my art, or at least believe in it. Over the course of a ten-year journey into professional writing, the number of supporters has become too great to name individually. You all know who you are. I want each and every one of you to know that every book purchase, every Goodreads or Amazon review, every social media share, every pat on the back, does wonders for my creativity and motivation. You mean the world to me.

I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions as they end up as empty promises. None will be made for 2020. I can tell you that new ideas and concepts are being put into action and a tangible story will come from at least one of them. That being said, in lieu of resolutions, I have some new year’s wishes for myself and for you:

SEE YOUR HATE AND KILL IT. The most frustrating thing about bigotry is that it is seldom recognized except by those it oppresses. The prevailing deflective attitude of “you’re too sensitive” is a war waiting to happen. All war is stupid. The easiest way to prevent war is to recognize the bigotry in ourselves in the things we say and the ideas we support and push back against it with an ounce of common decency. Free speech doesn’t come with free brutality. Accept your neighbor or leave them alone.

CLEAN UP YOUR MESS. This year make a commitment to more earth-friendly practices. Yes, plastic bottles, bags, and straws are a problem, and we can do without them. In fact, curbing our consumption will cost a hell of a lot less than finding a new planet to live on. I would also suggest you elect leaders who recognize our environmental crisis and are willing to create policies to do something about it, but that’s up to you.

TAKE TIME OUT FOR FUN. How much vacation time did you use last year? And how did you use it? Where did you go? What memorable experiences have you created for yourself? You use up so much of your life on your job, you’ve probably set less of a priority on these very important things. The purpose of your job is to feed you, house you, and clothe you; it will not fulfill the desires of your soul. Only you can do that.

CREATE SOMETHING. Speaking of fulfilling desires of the soul, we all could use a spark of our creative spirit. Find a non-destructive way to express yourself through visual media, music, literature and poetry. Trust me, the world needs more of us; we create art, art creates compassion, compassion creates more art, and the circuit is complete. Cry, scream, and laugh at the world with your keyboards, your paintbrushes, your guitars. Make your voice a weapon.

Have a safe and happy celebration, and all the best wishes 2020 can offer. I’ll see you at my next event!

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Thank you, my friend, for those wonderful wishes. My <3 <3s your <3. Happy New Year. I wish you all the best, as that is what you have earned.

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